4 Stunning Photo Collections to Transport You

Can't get away as far, fast, or often as you like? We've compiled a list of 4 websites that will transport you to a different place (and sometimes time) sure to destress your senses. Western culture is so driven and hardworking we forget to take breaks. Give us 5 or 10 minutes to take you away. We transport people to the airport and then hear about their adventures when the return. Caution: These photos might inspire you to actually plan a trip to one of these fantastic places. If they do, make sure you tell us all about it when we pick you up at the airport! 

#4 There’s A Glow-In-The-Dark Beach In The Maldives. Yes, Really.

I know that it's surprising that this is not in the #1 spot, but, hey, it really makes the cut! Apparently, you can visit numerous beaches around the world, including ones in New Jersey and California, where, if you are lucky to have your camera or smartphone handy, you can catch these incredible, glowing creatures (ostracod crustaceans) light up the beach. Take a peek at Huffington's Post article and be prepared to be astonished!

#3 Voyages

The New York Times compiled an amazing online journal with fantastic photos from Ethiopia, Albania, Australia, Finland, Peru, and Spain from the photographer's perspective. It really is a visual journal and a voyage for your eyes. It may take you longer than 5 minutes but is very satisfying. It catalogs not just places but the people in them. Rich eye-travel!

#2 The 18 Most Dazzling Photos From National Geographic’s History

BuzzFeed got a peek inside National Geographic's Around The World In 125 Years. This article is a photographic time machine. Take a journey to the past and scroll through this fantastic sampling from the 3-volume collection and, if you need to time travel all 1,404 pages, you can purchase the 3-volume collection. UVRide doesn't own a time machine (but we can save you time - it's only 1 hour 20 minutes to Manchester-Boston Regional Airport and we go there 5 time a day!)

#1 The Rainbow Mountains Of China Are Earth's Paint Palette

Why is this the #1 pic? For 2 reasons. First, it seems so unrealistic; as my son observed, "It looks like the colors have been Photoshopped." But they are real. This amazing geological wonder is located in China’s Zhangye Danxia National Geologic Park. This photo doesn't hold a candle to the photos featured in Forbes' article, The Rainbow Mountains Of China Are Earth's Paint Palette. Secondly, of all the places (and times) featured in this photographic feast, this one seems like a certain and attainable experience. The glowing waters which only flash for seconds and are hard to catch. The scenes and people in Voyages are unique and unreplicable, and the places/times featured in the National Geographic are long gone. I just put this on my bucket list. By the way, I did the research, and I can grab a flight out of Manchester-Boston Regional Airport to China. And, I happen to know a great shuttle that can take me there. How about you? What place is on your bucket list?

Glowing Beaches Noctiluca scintillans