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Posted On: 11/29/2016

My boss a

nd friend, Randy Heller, the owner of UVRide (Upper Valley Ride), is a person who doesn't toot his horn (and he drives a lot of vehicles!). All too often we don't tell people exactly what we think. So, I'm going to take this opportunity on Giving Tuesday, to let you know about this amazing human being who gives all the time. Randy h


donated an incredible amount...

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Wilder Vermont Golden Leaves Blue Sky UVPride

Do you have an idea for UVPride?

UVRide wants to hear about who or what in the Upper Valley makes you proud. Email us or post to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using #UVPride. We will be watching for new ideas!

Posted On: 10/24/2016

Scenic Wa

lk: Any time of year is a good time to hike or walk around the scenic Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. This week, UVRide is proud to present a UVPride 2-minute Tour of the Wilder Multi-Use Path. Easy to access and enchanting, the paved path winds from Wilder at the intersection of Colonial and Rte. 5 all the way to the Dothan Brook School. Chicken



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Glowing Beaches Noctiluca scintillans

Posted On: 10/05/2016


get away as far, fast, or often as you like? We've compiled a list of 4 websites that will transport you to a different place (and sometimes time) sure to destress your senses. Western culture is so driven and hardworking we forget to take breaks. Give us 5 or 10 minutes to take you away. We transport people to the airport and then hear about their adventures when the...

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Posted On: 09/28/2016

We often

hear, “Knowledge is power.” Or is it how you use what knowledge you possess? Whether in back or front seat of life, knowing how to use knowledge is where the power sits. UVRide


ients climb in and out of our vehicles. They come from all walks of life. Many of them wonder if they have remembered everything they need for their trip —regardless of education or...

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Posted On: 11/02/2015

Welcome t

o our latest destination on our ever-growing list of non-stop flights leaving from Manchester Airport (MHT); Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta


s Georgia’s metropolitan playground. Whether you are looking for an outdoor adventure, a taste of the old south, or the star treatment and luxury shopping, Atlanta truly has something for everyone. We know


we say that a lot, but we...

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Posted On: 10/16/2015

At Upper

Valley Ride, most of our customers are looking for reliable transportation to and from the airport. Since this is such a popular destination, we are adding it to our on-going list of direct flights leaving from Manchester Airport (MHT) to give our wonderful customers convenient vacation and travel destinations. This mo


h’s destination is the historical city of...

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Posted On: 10/08/2015

As native

s of the Upper Valley we tend to focus on travel to and from Manchester Airport (MHT), but we have recently broadened our horizons to include the Burlington area. Burling


n, Vermont is on scenic Lake Champlain in the northwestern corner of the state. A lively college city with a bustling downtown, there is no shortage of things to do and places to see. Explore



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Posted On: 09/30/2015

The Uber

trend is sweeping the nation. Chances are, you have considered an Uber driver as an alternative to taxis, or other forms of hired transportation, at some point this year.  In theory, Uber is the perfect alternative. Your driver checks-in with the online database when they accept your fare, a picture and estimated wait time is then sent to you so you know what the vehicle...

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Destination Chicago

Posted On: 08/24/2015

Since so

many of our customers are traveling to and from Manchester Airport (MHT), we’d like to give you some great travel ideas for the non-stop, direct flights Manchester offers. Get ready for Destination Chicago! Chicago


Illinois was once famous for its boot-legging, old-school mobster history. Now, Chicago is known for its city skyline, hip downtown, blossoming gastro scene,...

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Back to School Travel Savings

Posted On: 08/14/2015


s that time again! Is your


hild off to college, or headed to private school this fall? Upper Valley Ride knows just how to take the stress out of back to school drop-offs. In our


ne of work, we help lots of families through school drop-offs and back to school transportation. So, whether this is your first time, or you are a back-to-school veteran, Upper Valley Ride is...

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