Travel for Hunger

My boss and friend, Randy Heller, the owner of UVRide (Upper Valley Ride), is a person who doesn't toot his horn (and he drives a lot of vehicles!). All too often we don't tell people exactly what we think. So, I'm going to take this opportunity on Giving Tuesday, to let you know about this amazing human being who gives all the time.

Randy has donated an incredible amount of time, money and energy to the Upper Valley community. He takes customer service to a level of "all the world is needing to be cared for." From offering FREE rides to the polls (not poles - ho, ho) during the election, to donating a FREE ride to the next Teen Dance for a prize at the Club 188's Teen Dance (at the Engine Room in White River Junction), to his personal charity work as a board member with Child and Family Services of New Hampshire, he keeps a little busy. He donates to veterans charities, the Upper Valley Haven, Vital Communities' Leadership Upper Valley, Go Red for Women (heart disease). In researching for this article, I learned that his kindness saved a life. The list is long. He continues to astound me how he finds the room to do it all. When asking Elizabeth, UVRide's Operations Manager, about the names/charitable things that Randy does, she added, "Randy puts excellent customer service and safety at the forefront of everything he makes him a role model to work for...I am very proud of him." The reason I mention these things is because Randy's altruism made me think,"How can our team do more in the community this holiday season?"

 "Randy puts excellent customer service and safety at the forefront of everything he makes him a role model to work for...I am very proud of him."

Travel for Hunger is Born
After I had collaborated with Randy in creating the preferred UVRide membership program, he asked, "So, Maria, they can become a member if they spend $500 or more on a Buy-n-Save card (20% off all services), or they have to enroll in one of the trips (NYC and Foxwood's)? That's it? What about all those who don't fall into those two categories?" We created a small entry membership to take care of ALL our clients, but something was missing. Inspired by Randy's tireless charitable work within our communities, here's a way to do something about hunger in our towns and save money. With every $32 preferred UVRide membership we'll offer great discounts off of our Shuttle and personal car service (and other benefits) AND until December 31, 2016, UVRide will donate 25% of the membership fee towards Child and Family Services of New Hampshire and the Upper Valley Haven (with a of minimum of $500 to each). Our goal is to raise $4,000 for the two charities by the end of the month. You can Travel for Hunger. Will you help? Sure, you get a discount off of services and other membership benefits, but that's just us saying, "Thank you for going the extra mile!" ;-D

We encourage you to check out the websites for both these charities. Neighbors are in need. Not just hungry for food, but for help of all sorts. Together we can make a BIG difference.

Please visit our Preferred Member Page by end of month to participate in Travel for Hunger

From the UVRide Family to Yours, Have a hunger-free Holiday, filled with joy, peace, and thanksgiving!

Thank you for Listening,
Maria Lara Dailey
UVRide Marketing Cartographer
#LoveMyJob because #MyBossRocks

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